Hi, I'm Giulio!

Videomaker, Actor and Public Speaker.

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I live in Turin, Italy, where I currently attend the 4th year (12th Grade, High-school) at “Liceo Salesiano Valsalice” for Scientific and Applied Sciences. In 2013 I entered the Conservatory “GiovaniInVivaVoce” Choir and in 2019 I entered the Torino Musical Academy where I performed musicals such as “The Addams Family”, “Grease”, “Mamma Mia” and “The Little Shop of Horrors”. I also love video making and directing: over the years I attended design and video making classes, and with the skills acquired I directed, shot and edited many short films and ads with my buddies. Finally, I recently prepared and delivered a TED-Ed talk focusing on improving school teaching by means of self-produced videos and a second one focusing on the Romani community in Italy. In 2020 I took part in a RAI Tv Series called "POV I Primi Anni" where I played the role of Silvio Matteo, an upstart teen politician whose dream is to become the school president.

My passions

What I do.

Video Making

Directing of shortfilms, musical videoclips, ads and live productions events.

Acting and Public Speaking

TEDEd Style Public Speaking and Musical acting. I also played "Matteo Silvio" in the RAI (Italian National TV) series "POV: I Primi Anni" produced by Showlab.

Live video production

Directing live streaming events. I directed a two weekend talent show contest called "TuSiQue Valsales".

Web and Graphic design

Developing of dynamics native websites with PHP and Python Django.


See My Featured Projects.

These are some of my projects that I worked on. Click here for full updated behance portfolio.

TuSiQue Valsales

Directing of a two weekend talent show contest which involved a difficult directing of both prerecorded perfomances, live performances and live presentations. The project involved a team of 15 techninchians and cameramen which needed to operate in a difficult workplace due to covid19 regulations. See the producer website Radio Valsonair.

Skymetry-RFI Promo Video

A five minute corporate video about the Skymetry and RFI partership. See full video here.

Chiesa in Casa - Alla scoperta di Don Bosco

A short 10 minute comic documentary about Don Bosco and the salesians of Turin. The documentary is part of a formation program for elementary and middle schools. Watch full video.

Ad Un Metro Di Distanza

Ad Un Metro Di Distanza is the official song for salesian 2020 schools reopening. A four months long project which inclueded recoring and mixing the song and creating, shooting and editing the official videoclip.

Torino TEDEd Club Official event video.

Official video of the 2019 Event of Torino TEDEd Club. To watch the full video click here.

Graphics and Web design

Graphics and Web Design portfolio overview. Click Here for more.

As seen on Rai Gulp

Role of Matteo Silvio in

Photo of Giulio Rigazio

Public Speaking

  • Just at Your Own Speed Vittoria Theater Turin
  • No country, one home. Egyptian Museum of Turin



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